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"Thank you, Monika, for the wonderful session. A storytelling session needs a great presentation and you did a fantastic job at showcasing live the impact of storytelling. I could relate the learnings to the actual presentations we work upon"

Aditi Jangid

KPMG Management Consultant

"Thank you Monika Tandon for the amazing session. It was quiet engaging and content was really good. We had a great learning experience and your enthusiasm & commitment towards departing learnings and leading skill development journey is much appreciated!"

Udit Gulati

KPMG Consulting, Finance Transformation

"Thank you, Monika, for the insightful session. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions. "

Abhishek Bhowmik

Management Consultant KPMG

"Thanks for the wonderful session Monika Tandon. Me and my team had high expectations from your session and you surpassed it! We had multiple takeaways and learning from the session which we are able to implement in our day-to-day business interactions."

Vikram Ahuja

KPMG Gurgaon

"Storytelling is one of the most important skills since it helps to leave an impact on the listener & communicate effectively! Thank you, Monika, for taking out time. This was a very impactful workshop. "

Hemant Singh

Sr. Account executive at Microsoft

"They say human species think in metaphors and learns through stories, and according to me Katha Pachisi do it in the most beautiful way!! Be it storytelling for Kids or for Business, Monika is my lady to go. Wishing lots of success to Katha Pachisi and to you too Monika, keep inspiring us with your wonderful stories."

Gunjan Malviya

Contributing to Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure, Siemens

"To be a good Storyteller one has to believe in their stories and bring out the best message from them. Monika is one such great Storyteller who believes in her stories and conveys them in the best way, in captivating the audience and live those stories bringing out the innovative messages."

Deepti Agrawal

Author, Storyteller, Content Writer & Tarot Healer.

"Monika's systematic, punctual, enthusiastic and concise approach makes it a joy to collaborate with her. She is always game for exploring new opportunities to be creative and I think that is her secret to her storytelling success. I certainly look forward to work with her again and wish her and the team at Katha Pachisi greater success!"

Ambalika Bhat

Author & Folklorist

""We all know the origin and destination of a river and yet what beholds us in awe is its flow" ... these words of Monika pretty much sum up her sessions -- Her workshop was like a flowing river, with all the twists & turns of elevating a story into a powerful narrative, the punctuation of story-landscape with 9 rasas and the amazing ease with which she delivered her highly interactive session. I learnt the nuances of storytelling but more than that I loved every minute of doing so. Cheers to Monika!"

Mriganka Dadwal

Founder at Street Level Awareness Program (S.L.A.P) Activist/Former Journalist I IVLP Fellow

"I have attended one of Monika’s storytelling workshop last month. She has created a very good architecture of presentation with well researched content, applicable to everyone who wants to learn this art of storytelling and it works very well .in corporate communication of any form, or marketing, or in schools or at home ...Very well Appreciated."


Chief General Manager (Strategic Initiatives) at Oil India Limited: A Navratna Company

"Monika, it is a pleasure working with you as a freelance workshop consultant for the Times of India - NIE program. We always receive great feedback for the art of storytelling workshops & creative writing sessions you have conducted for educators & for students. Your expertise on the subject & professional approach towards work makes this collaboration very pleasant. Looking forward to having more workshops for our NIE member schools since it’s a great value addition."

Priyankaa Chaudhary

Manager- B2B | Business Analyst | Brand Marketing | Digital Marketing | Public Relations Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group)

"This workshop was a terrific use of my time and was a very insightful experience. The principles of “Art of Story Telling” are powerful ways to articulate views and influence audience using minimal content. Monica is an Excellent trainer with right blend of experience and energy, she has provided desired level of focus on each participant which is usually missing in e-learning offerings. Thank you, Monika Tandon and Katha Pachisi."

Saurabh Garg

Head Enterprise Architecture | Business Partner IT | Digital Transformation Lead | Diageo

"I did a Business Communication workshop with Monika and it was a very engaging, focused and targeted workshop. Monica took us through the topics with such clear analogies and made the learning so interesting. Her innovative teaching methodology is unique and she has a passion about storytelling and makes sure that you have total clarity on the subject. Thank you so much for a great learning experience."

Reema Dhawan

Co-Founder and Managing Partner MAXIM Marcom Services Pvt. Ltd., IIM-B NSRCEL

"It was a splendid session as always by you, you touched all the nuances of effective storytelling, was thrilled to see you put your concepts into examples. It was aimed at school teachers so for me the concepts were familiar but I loved the interactive part of performance storytelling. Loved your presentation skills and the ppt you shared, it was crisp n pointy"

Aditi Mangal

Storyteller, Trainer & Educator Enablify India

"I attended Monika's 3-day Business Storytelling workshop. She is an excellent trainer. She brings lot of emotion and energy into her sessions. Her sessions are very engaging. I would recommend her sessions for professional wanting to excel at story telling in presentations."

Surya Saraf

Client Partner | Presales Professional | Ex- Deloitte, Capgemini, Accenture | Mentor |

"I attended Business Story-crafting & Storytelling 3-day workshop in March 2021 with Monika, she brings in so much energy & emotions in the session & make it engaging & interesting! She is an excellent trainer & Storyteller with mastery over her content."

Anuradha Batra

Freelance Soft Skills Trainer Freelance Soft Skills Trainer

"In the new purpose driven world communicating an objective or a goal through stories will be an important leadership trait of the future. Monika has created a comprehensive step by step practical guide to master the art of storytelling."

Partha Basu

Author, Head of Managed Services at KPMG Netherlands