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“How you act (gravitas), how you speak (communication), and how you look (appearance) count for a lot in determining your leadership presence.” – Sylvia Ann Hewlet

An interactive workshop on leading with executive presence. Good leadership is ultimately about communication, and people with great executive presence are excellent communicators. When you are a leader and you want to communicate your vision to the team, one way is to throw in a couple of excel sheets or share bullet points with a slide deck & then we think that it’s done – but this way of communicating the vision doesn’t actually work.

But when the leader very emphatically shares the vision by building a relevant narrative around how one after another the things will move in the business – sharing the series of events lined up which will help the team to comprehend the process then the team eases down and understands the vision.

Executive Presence workshop will include:

• Importance of storytelling as a leadership communication tool

• Develop a strong leadership presence – Communicate with Impact

• As a leader – Understanding what is my central emotion?

• The Role of Gravitas

• How to connect emotionally with the team?

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